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Greater Houston Propane Gas Delivery Services

Residential Propane Gas Delivery Service in Southeast TX

Houston area propane customers rely on Green’s Blue Flame Gas for quality propane service provided by trained, dependable and experienced personnel. Our propane gas delivery trucks have on-board computers which print delivery tickets that show the number of gallons of propane pumped, propane price per gallon, delivery date, and the time the propane delivery was completed. Our fleet is GPS-tracked; this provides us with coordinated logistics planning information that allows us to serve our customers quickly and efficiently. The trucks are maintained by a licensed professional mechanic with 35 years’ experience; and are guaranteed not to leave a huge oil spot in the middle of your driveway.

Green’s Blue Flame Gas residential fuel delivery and service area includes Greater Houston as well as Harris, Waller, and Montgomery counties. Please review our flexible propane delivery options below, which allow you to choose how you receive your propane deliveries. Ready to place your order? We’re happy to help!


Automatic Propane Gas Delivery Service to Greater Houston

For continuous and trouble-free residential propane service at preferred pricing, we recommend our automatic delivery service. Automatic delivery means you will never again have to think about checking your propane tank level or ordering gas! We will routinely monitor your tank and ensure that propane is delivered as you need it. You’ve got enough to do, so why not let us manage your propane deliveries? You’ll never have to worry about running out of gas again.


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Will Call Propane Delivery to Homeowners in TX

Will call delivery means that you need to monitor your propane gas tank level and order more propane when the gauge reads no less than 20%. Ordering a refill at 20% allows us to schedule your delivery for a day when a truck will be in your area and helps to ensure you don’t run out of propane. It’s important to monitor your gauge not only to maintain an ample supply of propane for your home, but also to avoid the potential costs associated with an out-of-gas delivery.


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Out-of-Gas Emergency Propane Delivery Requests

Almost 100% of out-of-gas calls are will-call delivery customers. Out-of-gas occurrences can be costly and require a Green’s Blue Flame technician to conduct a leakage test and re-light all pilots. This work must be documented and the customer must be present to sign. Out-of-gas calls are easily avoided by using our automatic propane delivery service, or by monitoring the level of gas in your tank and calling to order a propane delivery for your home.


Please note: If you ever have a propane emergency, please call us directly at (713) 462-5414 so we can address and fix the situation immediately. Thank you.