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Never worry about your propane supply again!

Why Tank-Monitored Automatic Delivery?

  • No need to check your tank
  • Avoid inconveniences caused by running out of gas
  • Factor in your propane use for generators and pool heaters
  • Have year-round peace of mind on your propane supply
  • View your tank gauge online
  • Receive email notifications when delivery is received

Propane Tank Monitoring AutoFill Program

Tank Monitoring

We know all too well the stress that our loyal Southeast Texas customers feel over the possibility of running out of propane, especially during the winter and extreme weather events. With our Propane Tank-Monitored AutoFill Program, we at Green’s Blue Flame can provide you peace of mind, allowing you more time for other concerns while we keep you and your family cozy all year round. By tracking your propane levels using a cellular monitor attached to your tank, we’ll determine for you the proper time for your propane delivery, saving you the hassle of scheduling one. Meanwhile, logging onto our online portal will allow you to track your propane tank gauge in real-time, too. Time is precious, so let us save you trips in less pleasant weather to your propane tank by tracking your propane levels for you and delivering when the time’s right.


How Do I Start with Propane Tank Monitoring?

Fill out the form below or call our office to get in touch with us to request a propane tank monitor, and our top-notch technicians will come over to install it for you. The monitor will transmit your propane levels directly to us and you can see your tank levels by just logging into our online portal or downloading the Neevo app. Rest assured that our Tank-Monitored AutoFill Program always means rapid and reliable automatic propane delivery, never leaving you and your family in the cold.

If you lease your tank and want to be in the Tank-Monitored Autofill Program, you can also fill out the form below to receive an estimate to have your lease tank changed out.


Why Should I Sign Up for Green’s Blue Flame’s Tank-Monitored AutoFill Program?

We’ll keep a close eye on your propane levels for you, receiving notifications when it’s time for us to schedule your propane delivery. You can relax and enjoy the comfort we provide without having to leave your house regularly to monitor your propane levels–rely on us and, if you want to view your propane levels, just log in to our online portal. Additionally, we’ll consider your propane usage through generators and pool heaters while tracking your gauge levels through the tank monitor. Our program promises you convenience, reliability, and a stress-free experience.

Join Our Customers in Receiving Worry-Free Propane Deliveries Today

Our Tank-Monitored AutoFill Program will revolutionize the way you handle propane deliveries. You’ll find no tank monitoring and autofill system quite as convenient and reliable. Contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote. Plus, with a Green’s Blue Flame Budget Plan, you’ll enjoy our services at an affordable cost. Call us and request a propane tank monitor today!


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