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Automatic Fill Agreement

The undersigned agrees to the terms and conditions stated herein for the purpose of automatic propane deliveries and charge account status with Greens Blue Flame Gas Co. Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “GBF”) at the property address listed below. Customer agrees to allow (GBF) access to the propane tank during normal business hours at the sole discretion of GBF, to perform the following duties including but not limited to deliveries and maintenance to the propane system, taking possession of the equipment pledged as collateral, service work and to/or to disconnect and reconnect the gas supply.
Tank Collateral (Customer Owned Tanks)

The undersigned agrees by their signature below that the following equipment is pledged as collateral to secure payment for propane and other services offered by GBF. The undersigned agrees to make full payment of all applicable charges within 20 days after delivery of goods or services. Further, the undersigned acknowledges and agrees that actual or constructive possession may be claimed any time after 10 days following the mailed notification of delinquent account status.