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Why You Should Choose AutoGas Over Gasoline Fuel in Texas

August 11, 2022

Across Texas, businesses are converting their fleets from gasoline and diesel to propane AutoGas. Propane AutoGas provides improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reduced environmental impact in comparison to gasoline, diesel, and other alternative fuels. We at Green’s Blue Flame have the … Continue reading


Top Ways Propane Can Power Your Backyard Experience

July 18, 2022

Summer has officially started in the Houston area. If you’re like most Houston and Waller residents, then you do your best to make the most of outdoor living. As a homeowner, we know you want to take full advantage of … Continue reading


Top Reasons Home Builders Should Choose Propane

June 1, 2022

Commercial home building comes with many decisions—such as which energy source is best to power your project and build the home? Many Greater Houston homeowners desire the safety and affordability of natural gas; however, natural gas lines aren’t available everywhere, … Continue reading