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Commercial Incentives for Texas Propane Gas

Green’s Blue Flame is dedicated to helping businesses in Southeast Texas make the switch to cleaner-burning propane gas.

Residential Builders

propane home builder incentive
The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is offering an incentive for Residential Builders. Earn up to $7,500 by building new Propane Energy Pod homes.


Propane Delivery Fleets

propane fleet incentive
The Propane Council of Texas is offering a Fleet Incentive Program that offers up to $7,500 for businesses or non-profits with 3 or more vehicles.


Propane Powered Landscapers

propane mower incentive
Two propane associations are offering the propane conversion mower incentive for commercial landscapers. Get $1,000 per qualifying new mower purchase or $500 per qualifying mower conversion.