How Propane Forklifts Can Cut Costs for Texas Business Owners

Being a business owner in the Greater Houston area can be rewarding, but it also offers its fair share of headaches. If you use heavy equipment like forklifts in your business operations, fuel costs can be one of those headaches. Using propane forklifts can save your business money, and below we’ll break down some of the biggest reasons why Texas business owners should consider making the change.

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Propane Forklifts Cost Less to Purchase and Maintain

The very first way you can save money by switching to propane forklifts is at the initial purchase. Propane forklifts cost less to buy, and maintain, compared to diesel, gasoline, and electric forklifts. This means that propane powered forklift fleets can save, in some instances, up to $1 or more per gallon of fuel compared to gasoline, or diesel, since propane is typically cheaper to buy in bulk than other fuel sources. Propane racks, cylinders, or dispenser tanks are also usually provided to the propane forklift customer at no cost, which is another consideration for any budget-conscious operation.

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More Bang for Your Buck

Another important way that switching to propane forklifts can save Texas business owners money is through their versatility. Propane forklifts can be used both for inside and outside jobs. Since nearly 68% of forklift end-users operate their equipment both indoors and outdoors[1], this offers another huge advantage to propane forklift users. Both diesel and gasoline forklifts can only operate for a brief time indoors, and that is only if the indoor area is equipped to deal with emissions from the forklifts. This added versatility of propane-powered forklifts, coupled with the low fuel cost illustrates perfectly how propane forklifts can save Texas business owners money.

Ready to Make the Switch?

Interested in converting your forklifts to propane power? Green’s Blue Flame is here for you! Check out our commercial propane conversion and delivery services for businesses across Harris, Waller, and Montgomery counties. We also provide cylinder fueling, installation of bulk cylinder refueling stations, and offer cylinders and storage racks for loan or purchase. Contact us today for more information!