Propane: The Secret to Striving Commercial Businesses

Have you ever wondered how food gets to your table or why resorts seem to never have electrical blackouts? Well, it’s all due to propane—a versatile, clean-burning fuel. Farms and resorts tend to choose this fuel source because it is efficient and extremely cost-effective. However, farms and resorts are not the only commercial businesses that favor it; in fact, more industries are powered by the fuel source than you might think!

Top 5 Propane-Powered Industries

Forklifts and material handling

Propane fuels more than 670,000 forklifts in the United States alone. It’s a tried-and-true method for transporting goods without doing all the heavy lifting manually. LP forklifts top gasoline and diesel forklifts by reducing emissions by 19% and 7%, respectively, and they outweigh electric forklifts by providing consistent power throughout operation without needing to be recharged. Plus, propane forklifts meet Environmental Protection Agency clean air standards.


You can also find propane being used by many landscaping businesses because the fuel source has been a proven performer in landscaping equipment such as mowers, leaf blowers, and chainsaws, for years. It’s also less flammable and nontoxic making it a safer option for workers compared to other fuel sources.


In addition to landscaping and the food industry, construction businesses are big fans of propane as well because it can be used to power the majority of large equipment commonly found on construction sites, such as forklifts and generators, and provide temporary heat on construction sites during colder months. Also, when construction businesses sign up for automatic propane delivery and bulk orders, projects never have to stall.

Transportation and fleet vehicles

Finally, transportation is one of the most popular industries to use propane. Since large fleet vehicles use a lot of fuel and tend to emit greenhouse gases, many transportation businesses have turned to propane as an eco-friendlier fuel alternative. In fact, according to the Propane Education and Research Council, propane-powered fleet vehicles tend to emit up to 25 percent less greenhouse gases than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Food industry

The cooks at Chili’s, Fuddruckers, Maggiano’s Little Italy, and other restaurants don’t prepare meals over a campfire. They all depend on propane-powered ovens and grills to turn fresh ingredients into delicious entrees. Also, since propane is such a versatile fuel, restaurants also use propane to keep customers warm and comfortable as they enjoy their meals in outdoor dining areas.

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