3 Reasons to Keep Your Propane Tank Full All Year Long

Spring is officially here, and most Texas homeowners have turned off their propane furnaces for the season. Are you curious to know why it’s important for you to keep your propane storage container full, even during the warm season? Green’s Blue Flame is here to share the benefits with you. First and foremost, propane is a year-round fuel, and your property is going to need it at all times of year, even the hottest summer months! Here are a few reasons why:

First, Propane Powers Barbecues & Outdoor Kitchens

A summer staple, gas grills are an affordable way to dine outdoors. Aside from the obvious appeal of delicious barbecued ribs, burgers, and hot dogs, grilling also helps lower indoor energy bills. Or take your home cooking to the next level with a full outdoor kitchen. Preparing family meals outside can significantly reduce your seasonal energy use. Instead of heating up your house with the oven or stove (and causing your A/C to work overtime), an outdoor kitchen offers the same advantages of a gas grill with a more expansive range of cooking options.

Second, Propane Keeps Your Backyard Fun & Comfortable

Here in the South, even peak summer days can turn into cool evenings. Don’t let a chilly breeze stop your outdoor fun. Patio space heaters are a cost-effective way to keep your outdoor living space comfortable, even in the early spring or fall.

You can also treat your friends and family to a marshmallow roast. Everyone loves a good s’more! Fire pits are a great way to warm up your space and add an extra element for entertainment. With a propane-powered fire pit, you can enjoy the perks of a campfire safely at home.

Lastly, make the most of your pool this season with a propane-fired heater. You can keep water at the perfect temperature. Not only will a propane pool heater improve water temps—a high-efficiency system can significantly reduce energy use and costs.

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Third, Propane Fuels Your Water Heating Needs

Home comfort isn’t complete without hot water! You need it for bathing, showering, dishwashing, laundry, cooking, cleaning, and more. Keep in mind that propane likely powers your hot water heater, meaning you’ll need an ample supply to keep up with your regular to-do list regardless of what the weather outside looks like.

Customers choose propane for its year-round versatility. When warm weather arrives, you can count on this multi-use fuel to power home comfort needs without breaking the bank. How are you spending your summer? Whether you’re looking to prep your grill for a Memorial Day barbecue or just want to ensure you have plenty of gas for your water heating needs, contact us today to schedule a propane delivery for your Texas property.