Use Propane to Extend Your Outdoor Fun in Greater Houston

Have you had a nice summer spent mostly at home? Thousands of Greater Houston homeowners have been soaking up the sun in their backyards this summer, and many of them aren’t ready for the seasons to change! The good news is that you can extend your summer fun by using propane appliances that will make your patio or yard the space to be this fall season. Benefit from propane’s efficiency and versatility all autumn long with these outdoor applications.

Stay Comfortable Outside

After a long, hot day in the sun, cooler evenings can be refreshing. But when the temperature drops a bit lower than you prefer on a summer night, there’s no need to head inside! Simply turn on your propane-fueled patio heater, and comfort will come to you! Sleek, subtle design paired with efficient heat output makes this appliance an easy choice for any Greater Houston home looking to spend more time outside during the transitional seasons.

Cook Outside on the Grill

Houston summers and backyard barbecues go hand in hand. But why does outdoor fun have to end when the summer comes to a close? Stock up on propane for your gas grill ahead of these holiday weekends, and make sure you have a steady supply all season for convenient outdoor cooking and relaxing until winter arrives.

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Dive into Extended Summer

If you have a pool, spa, or hot tub, you’re going to need a reliable heat source to keep using it when the weather starts to cool down! Propane can do the trick for a great price. Order propane today for your pool or hot tub heater so you can enjoy it for even longer each year.

Cozy up by the Fire

Add warmth and ambiance to your backyard on cooler nights throughout the summer and fall with an outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Propane hearth products and accessories allow you to achieve the same look and feel as wood-burning alternatives—without the mess! Plus, propane burns cleanly so you can feel great about your fuel usage.

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