Propane Tank Basics for TX Homeowners

What Size Tank Should I Get for My Texas Home?

Propane tanks come in many sizes from small BBQ cylinders to large industrial and commercial use tanks. If you’re shopping for a tank for your Texas home, you may be wondering what the best size would be for your family and fuel usage. Narrowing down your options is what we’re here to help with—but, if you have any questions, just come by the office, or simply give us a call! Below are a few items to consider when sizing your tank:

  • Number of propane appliances – A stove-only home and all-gas home have many different requirements when it comes to tank sizing. The more propane appliances you have, the larger tank you should consider.
  • Home size – Since a larger home will correspond with the number of propane appliances and greater space to heat, a larger home will require a larger tank in most cases.
  • Generator or pool heater – If you have or are planning to install a generator or a pool heater you will want to consider a larger tank due to the high demand of these particular appliances. In addition, our Tank-Monitored Autofill program will ensure you always have plenty of fuel when you need it the most.
  • Home additions – If you are planning to add to your home or add a separate building to the property you may also want to consider a larger tank to account for increased demand in the future

When Should I Order Propane?

Why order your propane when technology can take care of that for you? Our Tank-Monitored Autofill program utilizes a cellular monitor that alerts us when it is time for your delivery so you don’t have to think about it!

If you prefer to order gas yourself, remember to order fuel when your gauge reads no less than 30%. Ordering at 30% will ensure that Green’s Blue Flame can make your delivery in time before your tank gets too low.

Why Avoid a Fuel Runout?

As mentioned, running out of fuel poses serious hazardous safety risks. When your tank goes empty, it can cause fuel leaks that can be dangerous and costly to remedy. When you run out of fuel, Green’s Blue Flame is required to perform a leak check before we can fill your tank again. The best thing to do is to check your gauge regularly and order at no less than 30%.

How Do I Check My Gauge?

Checking your propane tank gauge is a breeze.

  1. Go to your tank.
  2. Open the tank lid and locate the clear gauge at the top of the tank.
  3. The tank will read in percentages, and you should place an order at or before 30%.

Get in Touch for Your Next Delivery

When it’s time for your next order, simply get in touch with us for your next delivery. We hope this information helps if you’re a new propane user. We look forward to hearing from you! Be sure to contact us with any questions.