Top Ways Propane Can Power Your Backyard Experience

Summer has officially started in the Houston area. If you’re like most Houston and Waller residents, then you do your best to make the most of outdoor living. As a homeowner, we know you want to take full advantage of your backyard—and now is the perfect time to break out the deck furniture, read up on BBQ-friendly recipes, and get ready for all things outdoors. If you use propane inside your home, then you already know how adaptable, reliable, and affordable it is. Enjoy the efficiency and versatility of propane all summer long with these outdoor applications. Keep reading this blog post from Green’s Blue Flame Gas to learn how you can power the ultimate summer backyard experience with propane.


How to Power Summer Fun in TX with Propane

Fire up the Grill:

Texas summers and backyard barbecues go hand in hand. Is your home the go-to for summer holiday events? Stock up on propane for your gas grill ahead of these holiday weekends, and make sure you keep a steady supply all season long for convenient outdoor cooking and relaxing.

Keep Comfortable Outdoors:

Cooler evenings feel refreshing after long, hot days in the sun. But even when the temperature drops a bit lower than you’d prefer on a summer night, there’s no need to head back inside! Simply turn on your propane-fueled patio heater, and let the comfort come to you. Sleek, subtle design, paired with efficient heat output, makes this appliance an easy choice for any Texas home.

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Have a Camping Experience at Home:

Huddle around a propane fire pit on any summer night with friends and family. You can sing out your kumbayas, tell ghost stories–and don’t forget the s’mores! Enjoy an outdoor camping experience right in your own backyard, without a charcoal or wood-burning smokey mess getting in your eyes.

Take a Dip:

When the next heat wave hits, your pool will call your name. Imagine getting ready to take a dip and, the moment your toes touch the water, the shock of freezing cold instantly deters you from wading Never worry! A propane pool heater will ensure your water temperature’s just right—cool enough to feel refreshing, but comfortable enough that you can float around for hours without feeling too cold. If you have a hot tub, propane works great for heating that too.

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Learn More from Green’s Blue Flame

Make the most out of this multipurpose energy source this summer by using it for both your indoor and outdoor appliances. Learn more about the many benefits of propane by getting in touch with Green’s Blue Flame. Take action now on your next residential propane delivery so that you and your family are not only prepared for the winter but also for any extreme weather events like hurricanes. Finally, learn about our tank-monitored propane autofill program to find out how Green’s Blue Flame Gas can monitor your propane tank levels and make timely deliveries to your home.