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Katy, TX Residential & Commercial Propane Delivery

Propane Tank Monitoring AutoFill Program in Katy, TX

With our Propane Tank-Monitored AutoFill Program, we at Green’s Blue Flame can provide you with peace of mind, allowing you more time for other concerns while we keep you and your family cozy all year round. By tracking your propane levels using a monitor attached to your tank, we’ll determine for you the proper time for a refill and arrange your delivery, saving you the hassle of scheduling one.

Why Should I Sign Up for Green’s Blue Flame’s Tank-Monitored AutoFill Program?

We’ll keep a close eye on your propane levels for you, receiving notifications when it’s time for us to schedule an autofill. You can relax and enjoy the comfort we provide without having to leave your house regularly to monitor your propane levels. Additionally, we’ll consider your propane usage through generators and pool heaters while tracking your gauge levels through the tank monitor. Our program promises you convenience, reliability, and a stress-free experience.

Our Tank-Monitored AutoFill Program will revolutionize the way you handle propane tank refills. Contact us if you have any questions or would like a quote. Call us and request a propane tank monitor today!


Propane Tank Installation in Katy, TX

Green’s Blue Flame is the go-to choice for propane tank installations in Anderson, TX. With over 20 years of expertise in propane system installations, our trained technicians ensure top-notch service.

Offering a diverse range of above ground and underground propane tanks, ranging from 120 to 1,000 gallons, customers can opt for leasing or purchasing options. Every installation includes a comprehensive propane system safety check, so you can be assured that your tank installation will be a high-quality job that meets codes and keeps your family safe and cozy.


Certified delivery technicians from Green’s Blue Flame will expertly deliver premium propane right to your Katy home. You have a couple of options when it comes to propane delivery. The first, automatic delivery, lets us take care of tank fuel levels; the second, will-call, has you place orders at your leisure and gives you a more controlled and self-accountable option.

Automatic Propane Delivery

We keep an eye on your propane tank levels and automatically deliver to you before your tank runs out. This hassle-free option allows you to focus on more important things, while we take care of your home’s fuel level. You can sign up for automatic delivery by contacting us online or by phone at (713) 462-5414.

Will-Call Propane Orders

If you’d like to monitor your own tank levels, we have an option for you. Our will-call delivery allows customers to keep track of their propane usage and call to place their own orders before the tank gauge reads 20%. Call us today at (713) 462-5414 to place your will-call order.

Out of Propane?

Please note that if you choose will-call delivery, it is your responsibility to place your orders on time. If your tank runs empty, there will be an extra service charge: our technician will have to conduct a leakage test and re-light all pilots to prime the system for more propane fuel. Bypass this risk by signing up for automatic delivery!

High-Quality Propane

With Green’s Blue Flame, you’ll always get the best propane at competitive prices. Do you heat your commercial or residential structure or building with propane? We strive for pricing transparency, which is we why offer free price quotes on our website. If you live within our service area, Green’s Blue Flame’s experienced service team would love to help you get the most competitively-priced propane fuel around.


Fast LPG Delivery

After you place your order, our service team will get your fuel out for delivery as soon as possible. This results in a fast delivery of your propane gas, designed with your comfort and safety as our top priority. We always offer prompt propane delivery for our customers in Katy, TX.

LPG Heating Systems in Katy, TX

Propane isn’t just used for heating: it’s a versatile fuel that can be used in many different ways such as cooking and water heating. Green’s Blue Flame delivers propane products such as gas grills, fireplaces, outdoor cookers, and more.

Green’s Blue Flame can also convert your current heating equipment to propane, if you’d like to make the transition like many other Katy, TX homeowners. Our experienced service technicians will find the perfect solution for your home or company’s heating needs. Do you need work on the heating system you have currently? We’d be more than happy to service the following equipment:

Learn more by contacting us online!

Our Greater Katy, TX Propane Delivery Range Includes:


LP Gas/Propane FAQs

  • Q: Do you deliver propane commercially?
  • A: Yes, we deliver propane commercially as well as residentially.
  • Q: Can customers lease propane tanks?
  • A: You can! We offer propane tank leasing for all of our customers. Click here to learn more about how to lease your tank today.
  • Q: How do I fix a propane leak?
  • A: Evacuate the area immediately, and read our propane safety tips.
  • Q: How do I pay for my fuel delivery?
  • A: You can pay online by clicking the “Pay My Bill” button from our home page. Just register or log in using the account number (it is on the bill you were mailed) and your account will show up. You can pay your bill using our secure online portal.

Propane Service in Katy, TX

Green’s Blue Flame is your best choice for local propane energy. We are proud to serve residential and commercial customers throughout Texas with the most affordable pricing and best service in the area. You can trust us for your heating, cooling, and total home comfort needs. If you’d like to schedule service or place a propane order, contact us on our website today.