Home Energy-Saving Tips from Green’s Blue Flame in Texas

If you’re a homeowner living in Greater Houston, Texas, you’re probably starting to look forward to warmer weather right about now. With winter on the downslope, it’s time to start thinking about how you can save on home comfort and residential propane fuel at the same time. Luckily, your local Texas propane experts at Green’s Blue Flame are here for you with energy-saving tips for this time of year:

1. Turn Down Your Hot Water Heater’s Temperature

If your propane gas hot water heater is set higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re wasting fuel. There’s no need to have your water heater cranked up any higher, unless you want to use more propane gas than necessary on laundry, dishwashing, showering, bathing, and more.

2. Wash Laundry in Cold Water

Along with saving on water heater temperatures, save hot water altogether by experimenting with warm and cold temperatures in your washing machine. Unless you have a grimy item that you want to disinfect, warm or cool water can do just as good a job as piping hot water can. Plus, cold-washing clothes can keep colors brighter for longer. Not sold? At least try rinsing your clothes in cold water so you can save your hot water for what’s really important.

3. Fire up the Grill or Enjoy No-Cook Meals

Your propane range can use more fuel than you expect. Good thing we’re entering barbecue season! As temperatures start to warm up, cook outside on a gas barbeque or over a fire to save money on your energy costs. If you’re not in the mood to grill yet, you have other options. Try meal planning for cold dinners like salads, wraps, and sandwiches. The more you adjust your cooking habits, the more you can save!

4. Weatherproof Your Texas Home

Sealing your windows and insulating your home are great ways to control its internal temperature. This time of year often brings unpredictable weather conditions, but keeping your home at a constant will protect your wallet and your propane gas tank against leaky seams that can result in climate-controlling your whole neighborhood.

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