Propane AutoGas 101

Did you know there is more than one way to power your commercial fuel delivery fleet in Texas? When propane is used as a fuel for vehicles, it’s called Autogas. Autogas is also known as LP gas or LPG. There are many reasons to choose Autogas over gasoline or diesel. In fact, Autogas is one of the world’s most popular alternative fuels. It powers more than 18 million vehicles in the US, and it’s cost effective with a vast supply ready for use.

Choosing Autogas over Gasoline

Along with being more cost effective than gasoline or diesel, Autogas has a number of benefits.

  • Most Autogas conversions are bi-fuel, so you have the option of using both for your vehicle.
  • Autogas is safer. Autogas is less flammable than gasoline, and is nontoxic.
  • Autogas is cleaner. Propane releases fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere, making it more eco friendly.
  • Autogas burns cleaner in your engines and leaves fewer deposits behind, meaning your vehicle will last longer and you’ll spend less on maintenance.
  • It’s cheaper than gasoline. Autogas costs around 30% less to use than gasoline.
  • Autogas vehicles have the longest driving range compared to any other alternative fuel on the market.

Using Autogas with Green’s Blue Flame

You can have your vehicle converted to Autogas with the Alliance AutoGas network that does certified fuel-to-propane-gas conversions. These conversions are certified by the EPA and can work with gasoline. Once you’re converted, there are plenty of places to get fuel for your fleet. You can find on-site liquified petroleum gas fueling at your Southeast Texas fleet base. Alliance AutoGas provides on-site propane gas fueling stations with plenty of advantages like zero-emission propane fueling and no implementation costs. You can also get fuel from Green’s Blue Flame at our Houston office or Waller office at any time. If you have questions about using Autogas or converting your fleet, contact Green’s Blue Flame today. We’d be happy to answer your questions.