Summer Energy-Saving Tips for Texans

Summer is right around the corner, and the days are really heating up. We know the days can get sweltering hot here in Texas, and that probably means your A/C is working double time. When your air conditioner is working so hard, your energy bills might be higher than you’d like. We want to help you save on your energy bills and make the most of your home heating budget. If you want to save money and prep for summer, follow the suggestions below from Green’s Blue Flame.

Tip 1. Get Your Annual Tune-Up on Your Air Conditioner

Getting annual maintenance on your A/C does wonders for your energy bill. When you get your air conditioner serviced, you get to take advantage of several benefits, like minimizing the risk of a breakdown, extending the life of your equipment, and improving performance for your comfort. On top of all these benefits, you can lower your summer energy bills by 10% when you have your A/C professionally maintained. Plus, if you have your system filters cleaned or replaced, you can reduce your energy consumption by another five to 10%.

Tip 2. Turn on Bathroom Fans While Showering

When you shower, be sure to turn on your bathroom fans. Running the fans pulls excess heat and humidity out of the room and brings the temperature down, improving your overall comfort. And another bathroom tip—switch your showerhead to a low-flow model to cut your water usage in half!

Tip 3. Use Window Treatments to Your Advantage

Not only do window treatments look good in your home, but they also help you keep the temperature down. On sunny days, it may be tempting to open the curtains or shutters, but if it’s hot, doing so could raise your inside temperature and make your A/C work harder than it needs to, so keep the curtains closed and show off your décor.

Tip 4. Seal Drafts

Having drafts and air leaks in your home can raise your energy bills year-round. Check around the perimeter of your doors and windows for leaks. If you feel a draft, make sure to caulk those cracks and air leaks to keep hot air from coming in during the summer and cold air from coming in during the winter. Sealing those leaks can save you more than 20% on your annual energy costs!

Tip 5. Cook Outdoors

Cooking indoors and using your kitchen oven during the summer can heat up your home more than you probably want. Opting to cook outdoors will give your air conditioner a break. Plus, grilling outdoors is part of the summer experience.

Want more energy-saving tips? Green’s Blue Flame is happy to help. Just contact us. We’d love to hear from you.