How AutoGas Improves Your Fleet’s Bottom Line

Businesses across Texas are switching their fleets to propane AutoGas for improved fleet efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and to reduce environmental impact. Green’s Blue Flame wants to power your fleet vehicles with cleaner-burning propane AutoGas, also known as LP gas or LPG. Propane AutoGas is more affordable than gasoline and diesel, there’s a large supply available right here in the USA, and it helps improve your bottom line.

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Three Reasons to Switch to AutoGas

  1. Fuel Cost Savings
    Propane AutoGas is a much more affordable fueling option for your business. It costs approximately 30% less to use AutoGas for your fleet vehicles than it would to use gasoline. AutoGas is more cost-effective and has the longest driving range of any alternative fuel on the market.
  1. Cleaner Burn
    Propane AutoGas burns cleaner than gasoline and diesel and releases much fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This cleaner burn minimizes the environmental impact your fleet will have on the community and reduces engine damage. It’s also less flammable than gasoline, making it a safer and nontoxic fuel option. Promote your environmental awareness by switching to AutoGas for your fleet vehicles.
  1. Reduced Maintenance
    Since AutoGas burns so cleanly, your fleet will require less engine maintenance. This not only helps with the efficiency of the fleet, but also saves money that you can use to invest elsewhere in your business.

We know that these benefits are real because we have converted our own fleet to propane AutoGas. Check out how did this here. Switch your fleet to propane AutoGas for better performance, affordability, and a cleaner burning fuel. Contact Green’s Blue Flame today to learn more about converting to AutoGas!